#TBRTakedown 4.0 June 20th (12:00 am) - June 26th (11:59 pm)

I took part in the TBRTakedown 4.0 Challenge. It is hosted by @leaninglights. Now this time, around with TBRTakedown it was a lot more difficult to read. When this readathon started I just one, finished up another readathon, and two I had just gotten back from my vacation. 

TBR Challenges:

  1. A book that's been on your TBR Shelf Over a Year!
  2. An unread sequel sitting on your TBR shelf.
  3. The first book in a series on your TBR shelf.
  4. An "out of your comfort zone" book.
  5. A book from your most recent book haul.

A book that's been on your TBR Shelf Over a Year:

The BFG by Roald Dahl

This book was super cute! Sophie and the BFG's relationship was just too adorable but the book did have darker undertones that I wasn't expecting. I mean I know that the book was about one friendly giant and a whole slew of evil ones but I didn't expect it to be darker than the giants eating people. Sophie would ask questions to the BFG and then he would say something that was dark and depressing. The good thing was that it ended happily and I'm really excited to see how the movie compares to the book.

An unread sequel sitting on your TBR shelf:

Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

This book.....like I said with the other readathon I've been reading this novel since the beginning of the month and it's not what I thought it would be but I'm going to keep that for the full review that's gonna come after I finish the book. Yes, I'm not done with it yet. I have around 170 pages left. I will have it done by the end of the month and then I will put up my full thoughts.

The first book in a series on your TBR shelf & A book from your most recent book haul:

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Okay, when I read Throne of Glass also by Sarah J Maas I was a bit disappointed that I didn't love it but this book is the opposite. I love this book so far. I may be biased because of the fact that it's a Beauty and the Beast retelling. Beauty and the Beast is one (if not my absolute) favorite Disney movie. This book is all the epicness that I expected from Throne of Glass. I do have some issues with it, some moments I cringed when I knew I shouldn't have but I really have been enjoying it. I would have finished this book the last day of the readathon but Game Of Thrones got in the way and then I was distracted. I have around 160 pages left. 

An "out of your comfort zone" book:

I didn't choose a book and I never got the chance to read it anyways. Overall this readathon wasn't my best but I was very easily distracted by things this time around and I know I'll do better next time. It was a lot of fun, though!


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