New Focus/ New Priority

It's been a crazy week! I've gotten so behind in everything lately and it's caused me to rethink a lot. This post will probably be late too....*sigh*. My family came into town and since I don't see them often I hung out with them the whole time they were here. I caused me to get behind in this blog and my readathon of Game of Thrones. I've come to the conclusion that I'm trying to do too much all at once. I think going from not posting regularly to three times a week was not the best transition.

Another problem I have is the Game of Thrones readathon. For June like I've said I read Dragonfly in Amber instead and to be honest it wasn't a fun time. I felt like I was constantly pushing myself to read. The same thing is happening with Clash of Kings it feels like work and that's not what I want my reading to be. I don't want to end up in another reading slump because I forced myself to read something I wasn't in the mood for.

Which brings me to my last point, I want to start writing again, I still haven't gotten the chance to start my story because I've been scrambling to catch up on everything else. I've missed being enthusiastic about writing. 

In the end, I just want all this to be fun so I've changed some things:
  1. Posts will now be Tuesdays and Fridays starting next week.
  2. I will be writing a lot more. I can't wait for this!
  3. I've put a hold on reading the Game of Thrones series for now.  


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