#TBRTakedown 3.5 April 8th (12:00 am) - April 10th (11:59 pm)

I took part in the TBRTakedown 3.5 Challenge. It is hosted by @leaninglights. Normally TBR Takedown is a week long readathon but this is just a mini-readathon that is three days long. 

TBR Challenges:
  • Standalone 
  • Most Recent Haul
  • Catch Up in a Series
  • TBR Shelf Over a Year (Or the Longest)


Day 1:

Catch Up in a Series

The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan

I loved getting back into the world of Percy Jackson. The humor was still there in places but there was something about this book that made me not like it as much as the first two books. I mean it still was fantastic but it didn't live up to the other two. The story was mainly setting up for the last two books in the series. That probably is because I was spoiled her major plot points that occurred. The story was mainly setting up for the last two books in the series. Another thing that sort of ruined the magic was that I kept getting this story mixed up with Magnus Chase. I read Magnus Chase in between Percy Jackson and so when I thought back to the last Rick Riordan work I read I thought of Magnus and not Percy. Once I settled into the story I flew through it. I can't wait for the next books!

Day 2:

Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Septys

I have a new book to add to my favorites. Going into this book I didn't know what to expect. I knew that I would probably enjoy because it's historical fiction and I'm really into that right now but I was blown away! This story was very eye opening! It tells the story of the horrors that occurred during WWII in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia under Josef Stalin's rule. Everyone knows of the horrors that happened under Hitler's reign but the history of Stalin is almost nonexistent. I especially didn't know anything. This book is so powerful. It was brutally honest. It wasn't a sugar-coated version of the events. The characters in the story were strong and beyond brave. They were heroines. Ruta Sepetys has a captivating writing style that drew me in from the first page. This book pulled at not only my heart but my soul. The story of the history that has gone swept under the rug for so long is going to stay with me forever. It's books like this that need to be read and talked about. I am going to read all of Ruta Sepetys books and encourage many others to do the same. I know how important the stories are going to be.

Day 3:

The Lovely Bone by Alice Sebold

I didn't end up reading this book. I started it but then I was unmotivated to finish it. 

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

I've had my eye on this book for the longest time and it's been TBR as well. I wasn't sure when I was going to read it. I had lots of other books that were higher on my TBR but when I was feeling unmotivated during the last day of the readathon I knew what I needed was a cute contemporary. I sort of got that with this story. While it is contemporary and cute there was a dark underlining sadness. Amy is dealing with guilt and grief and Roger has is own problems. The story was more than just the boy and girl falling in love on a road trip (which is what I thought it was going to be). I really loved all the extra pieces the author put in (ie. the receipts, pictures, etc.). Those little things added to the story. They made it feel more real. Then I found out the author actually took this trip and those pictures were taken by her. I found that really cool. By adding those things Morgan Matson let the reader feel as though we are apart of the road trip with Amy and Roger! This whole book made me want to go out and just drive off and have an adventure. One day I will go on a long trip and use some of the playlists from this book. I think that would be spectacular. 


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